you have the possibility to experience a distant education in chastity and e-mail assignments from Me. This is an excellent measure to make an obedient slave out of you. Once or twice a week I will supervise your chastity as a keyholder and send e-mails with questions and commands to you.

you will have to do several things for Me like writing reports, dealing with penal work, researches on the internet and writing articles which I will read or simply throw unread in the recycle bin!

I require unreserved obedience and willing information about your darkest wishes from your deepest inside!

permanent chastity orgasm control slave training

My rules,

I require unreserved obedience and willing information about your darkest wishes from your deepest inside!

  1. never address your Mistress with "you"
  2. always treat your Mistress with dignity
  3. always be available for any service for your Mistress
  4. always be modest, subservient and obedient
  5. always be on your knees when your Mistress is around
  6. never lie to your Mistress
  7. always do as ordered (do not think about it)
  8. never be rebellious towards your Mistress
  9. fulfil the wishes and payments of your Mistress modestly and self-sacrificing
  10. Salways be thankful to your Mistress even if she punishes you

chastity orgasm control by mistress monroe

The duration of your chastity will be at least 4 weeks. This period is an absolute minimum for both of Us and in My eyes it is more than ridiculous! It gets interesting only after sveral months or even years!! The term is agreed before and cannot be shortened any more! Whereas keeping you in chastity even longer is generally no problem.

The chastity belt should of course be acquired by you earlier. I prefer products from high-grade steel. You receive the suitable lock for your belt of course from Me, and of course without key. The keys will be sent to you at the end of the agreed time by Me through post.

If you have any questions about anything, just send a request via e-mail.

I select each of My slaves carefully; therefore, you can be sure that you will enjoy quite a personal education.

your application should contain the at least following points:

  • name,
  • a description of your personality,
  • your preferential fantasy(s),
  • your fetishes,
  • your taboos

I expect your submissive application via e-mail to mistress-monroe@thechastitymistress.com!

slave life :-)

Do you see that stupid, naked slave on My table?

My personal slaves have of course also very specific rules to which they are subject to exception. These rules are enforced with a strict consequence of Me!

  1. absolute orgasm-/release prohibition
  2. strict restriction to speak
  3. eye restriction, always look to the ground
  4. in the presence of the Mistress and any other person always on the knees
  5. absolute forbidden to use any kind of furnitures
  6. total prohibition of public and body hair from head down
  7. strict prohibition to even touch the chastity belt
permanent chastity orgasm control
strikt chastity without any release
slave training by Mistress Monroe

Hygiene of the securely locked cock

With an effort, or!? :-)